Verify CPS Missing Credits & Steps To Gain CPS Missed Points

How to Find CPS Missing Credits And Gain Those Missing CPS Credits

Treasury Department enabled an official link download CPS/NPS Complete Statement from the date of Regular salary claimed at one click know the process. Contributory Pension Scheme CPS/ New Pension System NPS Subscribers may Download Month wise credited CPS Amount and Status of the CPS Amount Credited or File Processed or Not Credited at Treasury Website by using PRAN Number Treasury ID Number and DDO Code without any password. Here we go to know the Process to Download CPS/NPS Complete Statement Link given below to download. Verify CPS Missing Credits & Steps To Gain CPS Missed Points, How to Find Your CPS Missing Credits points And Gain Those Missing CPS Credits.

Verify CPS Missing Credits & Steps To Gain CPS Missed Points
Verify CPS Missing Credits & Steps To Gain CPS Missed Points

CPS Missing Credits & Steps To Gain CPS Missed Credits

How to Find or Verify CPS Missing Credits And Gain Those Missing CPS Credits, New Pension System NPS Contributory Pension System CPS Permanent Retirement Account Number PRAN Missing Credits Proforma Download | A proforma referred by DTOs for Missing credits of NPS/CPS/PRAN for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Maybe the reason for non-receipt of credits or short or excess credits in my account for some of the contributions is The amount shown as contribution has been uploaded by the concerned PAO/CDDO. Some of the possibilities for non-reflection of the amount are as follows: PAO/CDDO has not yet uploaded the record, PAO/CDDO has not transferred funds to Trustee Bank, The SCF for the record is still in uploaded status, Please contact the concerned office for discrepancies related to missing/short/excess contributions.

How to Verify Or Find CPS MISSING CREDITS?

1: – Open the link given below and enter your PRAN number, password, and login

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2: – Click on the investment summary that appears there

3: – You will see three options. Click on the transaction statement in them.

4: – financial year, select, and click on generate a statement.

It will show you all the monthly amounts related to that financial year.

Now there is a pdf in the top right corner

Transactions related to the financial year that are clicked on the pdf are suitable for printing in pdf format.

This way you can print out all the financial year statements since joining the job and compare it with the salary record or the income tax form 16 to find the missing credit.

How To Gain Missing Credits of CPS:

1. Download the missing credits Proforma available on this page.

2. Fill up the details of Missing credits amount, Date and Token Numbers, etc

3. Verify with your concerned DDO and make take the Signature of the DDO

4. And also Verify with your concerned STO and make take the Signature of the STO

a. Verified Account Statement of the Individual and confirmed the missing credit.

b. Verified Form 47 of the respective month

c. Verify the above records with reference to the CPS Schedule of the respective month

d.Verified reconciliation report of respective month

e. Verified the records with reference to the Text file uploaded to the NSDL

f. CPS subscription amount is in our PD Account

g. The above missing credits not uploaded before

Official Website Link To Find Missing CPS Credits Points

Download CPS Missing Credits Proforma PDF here